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 PLinc’s images superseded my expectations.  The service both in the studio and in post production is nothing less than world class. 

I couldn’t imagine using another photographer ever again.

Belinda Bailey – Juicy Relating
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I love the journey of working with my clients. First and formost it’s fun and an incredible honour to be given the privilege to express somebody else’s point of view. The number one goal when working with you is to elevate your brand. The fist initial meeting is always about getting to know my clients vision, goals, dreams and aspirations. It’s a personable meeting because later on I know this helps them to be to express who they really are.  The next step is to follow up with a detailed and specific concept and strategy.

This all leads to a the big moment where we shoot, play, and create until you are happy and we have got “the” image.

Because I pride myself on an end to end 100% satisfactory service post shoot is where I go to town. I deliver your finished and touched images on time working until you are completely happy. I answer questions and make myself available for tech support to ensure your images can be used in the right way at the right time for you.

My goal is your goal and my unique service is encapsulated in the PLinc system below:


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If you are looking for someone to enhance your image and brand, plus get noticed with the right pictures I urge you, no I implore you to check this star out.

Emma Kenyon 
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I loved your style – how you relaxed me- your patience – your hard-working- ness, your spirit, your warmth, your readiness to go any- where


Who is PLinc?


Hi there. I’m Pauline.  I’ve always felt like I can do anything.

I chose photography because I have an outrageous passion for it and because it allows me to express how I see the world in the most fulfilling way possible.

Having a natural creative flair for capturing life I went onto master the technical and theoretical processes. And now I combine all that with my skill, joie de vie and obsessive compulsion for running a photographic business. As director of Melbourne Photography,, I have worked with hundreds of clients and spent hundreds more hours working closely to capture their brand and message. I want to help business owners become even more successful through delivering their best image.

This is my purpose…except on weekends!!


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Pauline’s professionalism, talent, and eye for detail are exceptional

Sun Hyland, New Earth Catering

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